Healthy Weight Loss Products & General Health Supplements

As well as being a personal trainer and nutritional advisor in my day job I also use this knowledge in my role as a health coach & independent distributor of healthy weight loss products and general health supplements in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham.


It’s in this capacity that I can also offer free coaching and guidance on getting the best results from the products.

Contact me today to get started!
Not from Sutton Coldfield or Birmingham? I can do remote consultations by email and post your products by recorded delivery.

I can help you lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way even if you don’t want to hit the gym, or can’t commit to regular exercise. It is after all 70% nutrition and 30% exercise as they say.

The general structure would go like this

  • A quick call, online chat to establish your goals. (Can also do via email if preferable)
  • I will recommend the products and explain why and how they can help you (also providing full product specs at this time).
  • I will give you advice and guidance to help you get the best results from your products.
  • I’ll be here to help you the whole time if you need further guidance to help you achieve your goals.

So is it just weight loss and health supplements you do?

No. The Nutrition company I represent have quite an impressive range of brands covering every aspect of health, weight loss, beauty etc:-

Ariix offer more than just Healthy Weight Loss Products

What products do you do? There are simply too many to list here but here are a few examples of my most popular ones.

Healthy Weight Loss Products – The Slenderiiz Range

A one of a kind weight loss system designed to help you lose weight without starving yourself, calorie counting and whilst still getting all of the vital vitamins, minerals etc that your body needs to feel good and operate at it’s best. More information on SlenderiizSlenderiiz offers a premium range of Healthy Weight Loss Products
PureNourish – Meal replacement shake (Click for full information). Sorry for the
video quality on this one, but it does still give you some good information!

General health / The Nutrifii range

In a world of decreasing food quality Nutrifii offers a range of premium supplements to help give your body the nutritional support it needs for optimal health. The key feature of Nutrifii’s supplement range against what you’d get in your local big-chain health food shop is that the Nutrifii products are focused on being highly absorbable by the body and not riddled with fillers and binders.

Nutrifii is a quality range of health supplements, vitamins and superfoods
Moa – Moa is a unique liquid superfood supplement composed of over 34 different
superfoods from around the world. Click here for more information or watch the video below.

Contact me on or give me a call on 07422513087 to arrange a free health and wellness consultation; or simply to get more product information.

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